Tag: scripting

  • Create Applications in MECM with PowerShell

    More often than we prefer, we are tasked with packaging a new application for a department or user. This typically involves “an investigation” to find the silent switches, how to license it silently without admin intervention, determine the method for updates, and then incorporate it into MECM. For a single application, the process into MECM […]

  • PowerShell Fizz Buzz

    Often in programming interviews the Fizz Buzz question is posed as a way to vet a candidate’s understanding of programming logic. Here is a PowerShell solution to this question.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to our site. We will have more content coming soon! Many times we are asked to “deploythat” and then ask ourselves “deploythat?”, but are asked to make it happen. We will use this site to document some of our experiences as well as other things we encounter along the way. The focus of this […]