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  • Horizon Destination Server red in VMware Unified Access Gateway

    When deploying a Unified Access Gateway for VMware Horizon in my lab environment I ran across an issue where the Horizon Destination Server would not connect despite the correct certificate thumbprint being used. The Horizon server is version 2111.2 and the UAG is version 21.11.2. The destination Horizon certificate was signed with sha256 and the […]

  • Homelab in 2022

    The best way to learn for many is by doing; the same applies to the IT field. From anyone looking to get started in the IT field to those looking to add new skills late in their careers, having a test environment to learn by doing is as important as ever. Often times when you […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to our site. We will have more content coming soon! Many times we are asked to “deploythat” and then ask ourselves “deploythat?”, but are asked to make it happen. We will use this site to document some of our experiences as well as other things we encounter along the way. The focus of this […]