Category: Scripting

  • Deploying Zebra Label Printers

    In most companies, printers are installed on a print server and shared/installed through the domain or through the print server’s print application. The method is more straightforward and allows for the driver installation to occur through the print server and print jobs are more easily managed and monitored. In some scenarios and for some institutions, […]

  • Create Applications in MECM with PowerShell

    More often than we prefer, we are tasked with packaging a new application for a department or user. This typically involves “an investigation” to find the silent switches, how to license it silently without admin intervention, determine the method for updates, and then incorporate it into MECM. For a single application, the process into MECM […]

  • PowerShell Fizz Buzz

    Often in programming interviews the Fizz Buzz question is posed as a way to vet a candidate’s understanding of programming logic. Here is a PowerShell solution to this question.

  • Check for Active Directory Accounts PowerShell Script

    Today I had a few spare minutes to cleanup our inactive users in our Adobe admin console. I discovered that we had users still active that were no longer active in our Active Directory. Adobe provides a mechanism to delete users by CSV and then for the admin to modify the CSV and then upload […]

  • Silent Deployment of QuickBooks 2022

    In most applications that we package for silent install and uninstalls, the process is simple: review the vendor’s site/documentation for command line parameters, use typical command line help requests like “/help” or “/?”, or do what you’re doing right now and search the internet to find out what others have found. Why try to do […]